The mission of our association will always be to protect, honor, and preserve the rich heritage, tradition, and history of Loara while also working with the school district and administrators toward student development.

Why do we need an alumni association?

We need an alumni association

1). To help current and future alumni

2). To help with needed items around the campus

3). To help fund special field trips

4). To help preserve Loara's history and traditions


How do I join the Alumni Association?

Joining our alumni association is easy!  Choose your level of membership and mail in the downloadable application or fill it out online.  Applications received before July 1, 2015 are considered Founding Members.

Active Military - $5
Basic Membership - $20
Basic Spouse - $30
Basic Membership & Locker Plaque - $100
Lifetime Membership - $500

Just click on the mail in application or the online application under the
Membership navigation tab. 


Why Should I join the Alumni Association?

Supporting Loara High School is our main goal.  By becoming a member you help us give back to the faculty, staff, and students.    You can also keep in contact with classmates and/or alumni from othe years and stay connected to Loara High School activities.

How do I update my contact information?

There are many ways to update your contact information.

1). Send an email to loarasaxonsalumni@sgmail .com

2). Send a letter via USPS (snail mail) to Loara Saxons Alumni Association, P. O. Box 9397, Anaheim, CA  92812-9397

3). Emailing any of the board members.






Which website is the correct one for the Loara High School Alumni Association?

There is only one website for the association.  It is




Please DO NOT go to https://www.alumniclass.com/loara

They DO NOT support Loara High School.  NO portion of the money you pay them is given to the school.   It goes to support their employees and maintain their website.

Networking with Alumni

How do I find/contact fellow alumni?

There are several ways to find/contact fellow alumni through LSAA:


1). Use our Alumni Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/LoaraSaxonsAlumni/

2). Use the Loara High School Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Loara/

3). Contact us at loarasaxonsalumni@gmail.com to see if we have current shareable information on the person/people you are looking for

4). Use the Loara Saxons Alumni Association Directory book published by Harris Directories in 2014.   Note:  Information in that directory has not been updated by Harris nor LSAA since publication.  LSAA does not have information on ordering a copy of the Directory.

5). Use individual Class sections of this website to assist you.

How do I find out if alumni offer a service I need?

We are currently working on a database to help alumni network with each other to find services they might need.  Until the database is complete please use one of these options:


1). The alumni Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/LoaraSaxonsAlumni/

2). The Loara High School Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Loara/

3). The Loara Alumni Business Link Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/122168104477199/


Alumni Events

What is the monthly breakfast?

The monthly breakfasts are a way for alumni from all years to gather.  The second Saturday of each month alumni gather at Marie Callender's, 540 N Euclid St., Anaheim, CA.  The breakfast begins at 9 am and usually ends about 11 am.  Alumni are responsible for purchasing their own breakfast.  An invitation to each months event with pictures of the menu is sent out via our Facebook page at 



We hope to see you at Marie Callender's!

How do I recommend an event?

The Alumni Association is always looking for fun events.  The more we can gather the better.  Previous events include:  Angel Games, Bowling @ Linbrook Bowl, Ducks Games, Winter Holiday Luncheon, and Wine Tasting.  All events are self purchased. 


We would like to have all graduating years participate; therefore, keep in mind when suggesting an event that our newest alumni are either going to college, trade school, have joined the military, still living at home, working, or underage for drinking.  


If you have an event idea simply email Anna Kunkle, Alumni Association President at LSAAPresident92@gmail.com

How do I find information about my reunion?

Many of the reunions are publicized via the alumni association Facebook page at



If you do not have a Facebook page simply go to the "EVENTS " on the navigation bar here, and click "Decade Reunions."  We post reunion information as we receive it from various Class Reunion committee. 


If you know of a reunion and do not see it on this website please let us know by emailing loarasaxonsalumni@gmail.com.

How do I plan a reunion?

Typically the class president of any one given year is responsible for heading up a committee to plan reunions.  Most classes hold Decade Reunions (every 10 years) in a location near Loara or Orange County; some classes also host 5-year Mid-Decade Reunions that are more informal.


LSAA is in the process of creating a summary "How to Plan a Reunion" guide.  Once it is complete, it will be upload to the website.  If you have any helpful hints you would like to add to the document please email Pam Manazer, Class of 1965, at pamanaz@aol.com


Collaboration w/Loara High School

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Just a quick reminder for Loara graduates ...
The Saxon Alumni Association does not fulfill transcript requests.

If you are a graduate, you can obtain transcripts via the Anaheim Union High School District's web page http://www.auhsd.us/district/index.php/students/transcripts-request

You can learn more by watching the YouTube Video Instructions here.

For further information, please contact:

Stacy Musgrave
Secretary-Program Support / Records
Office: (714) 999-3586
Email: musgrave_s@auhsd.us

Where can I find the calendar of events for Loara High School?

Loara High School's public calendar of events and some athletic competititions and games can be found at https://loara.auhsd.us/Loara/74173-Events-Calendar.html

LSAA is not responsible for content contained on the Loara nor AUHSD website.

How do I order a Yearbook or Class Ring?

Current year yearbooks and class rings are ordered through vendor information provided by Loara to its upcoming graduates.

Copies of previous versions of the yearbook may be available through Loara's Activities Director, and LSAA has some new and used yearbooks in stock available from the Saxon Store.

Replacement class rings from previous years should be ordered directly from the company used to first order the ring (Jostens, Balfour, SoCal Grad, etc.)

Saxon Store

What items are available at the Saxon Store?

The Alumni Association has some great swag for our alumni.  Simply go to the "Saxon Store" to see pictures of the t-shirts, fleece jacket, stadium blanket, and available yearbooks.  Once you are ready to purchase go to the "Shopping Cart", order, "checkout", and pay.  Thank you for supporting the Alumni Association!


What is the time capsule?

Part of the planning for Loara’s 50th Anniversary in 2012/2013 was to purchase a Time Capsule and to fill it with artifacts from Loara’s history.


The Loara Saxons Alumni Association, Inc. agreed to purchase a Time Capsule for the school and to collect the artifacts. Through the efforts of John Marshall, Class of 1969 and Anthony Mastrangelo, Class of 1965 a Time Capsule was fabricated out of Stainless Steel and purchased.


Artifacts are currently being collected to go into the Time Capsule and burial is being planned for late in 2015 to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the 1st graduating Class of 1965 from Loara.


If you have artifacts from Loara’s history, photos, pins, programs, clothing anything of interest that you would like to donate to the Time Capsule please contact John Marshall @ Lsaapresident65@gmail.com.


The Loara Saxons Alumni Association, Inc. is also asking for monetary donations to be made to the Time Capsule Fund to help with the burial costs. A concrete vault will need to be built and the estimated cost is $3000.00 including the plaque.


Please visit the Saxon Store on our website to donate to the Time Capsule Fund or you may mail a check to:


Loara Saxons Alumni Association, Inc.

Time Capsule Fund

P.O. Box 9397

Anaheim, CA 92812


Please make all checks out to: Loara Saxons Alumni Association, Inc.


Can I make a monetary donation, and how would I do that?

Monetary gifting to our association's general fund qualify for charitable deductions under both the Federal Income Tax and the Federal Estate and Gift Tax laws.  We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  All donations, no matter how large or small are needed to help us support Loara.  Monetary gifts can be made in the following way:


By check made out to "Loara Saxons Alumni Association" 

and mailed to:

Loara Saxons Alumni Association

P.O. Box 9397

Anaheim, CA 92812-9397





Click the Make a Monetary Donation gift box on the DONATION page.



Can I make a donation to a specific cause?

Absolutely!  LSAA has several specific causes it supports throughout the year.  A few of these include the Tommy Thomason Scholarship Fund, Winter Wishes (in November/December), and Prom Assistance (in March/April).


Tommy Thomason Scholarship Fund

In September 2017, the LSAA began accepting donations for the Tommy Thomason Scholarship Fund, and we have received numerous contributions.  Details with respect to scholarship requirements, validation of information, the scholarship amount, and the Application Form and deadline are posted annually in August/September.   

You can donate at any time on line by on the Scholarship donation box on the DONATION page, or by mailing your check to LSAA, P.O. Box 9397, Anaheim, CA 92812-9397.  Thanks in advance for keeping Tommy's Legacy alive!


Winter Wishes
Loara has a "Winter Wishes Program" to help fulfill some wants and needs of our current Saxon students. Reading the requests from some of the students is heart breaking. Some have never been able to afford one yearbook in their 4 years at Loara and would like just one of them. Some would like a t-shirt so they can be proud of their school when they are off campus. Some are asking for a hoodie sweatshirt because it is getting cold. One asked for a Starbucks card so they could get some breakfast in the morning.  Annual requests for assistance are posted on the DONATION page in late October, but you can donate anytime during the year.


Planned Giving

Are you interested in giving to LSAA on a regular basis?  or possibly including LSAA as an insurance or Will beneficiary?  For information about Planned Giving please email John Marshall if you are interested.  Thanks!



How do I donate physical items such as yearbooks, sports or band items, or any other memorabilia?

LSAA has a storage container that includes band "sails" (aka banners), yearbooks, uniforms, and other memorabilia.  Please email John Marshall if you wish to donate items.  Many of these are loaned out to various class reunions so they can share Loara's history and legacy at their events.

Board Agends and Newsletters

Does the Loara Saxon Alumni Association have a newsletter?

The Loara Saxons Alumin Association, Inc. had an e-newsletter, but that was discontinued.  Copies of archived newsletters may be obtained by emailing the LSAA at loarasaxonsalumni@gmail.com.  

When and where are Board Agenda posted?

Board Meeting agenda are posted to board members and available on request 48 hours prior to board meetings.  To request an agenda, email LSAA at loarasaxonsalumni@gmail.com

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